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Heritage Strategy

A key priority for our city-wide working over the next three years will be the development of the heritage sector of the city.

Despite the great historic importance and rich heritage assets of the city and strong local base of volunteers, the heritage profile of Southampton is under-developed and the heritage sector locally is fragmented and under-resourced with a number of key heritage organisations and city assets in need of critical capital investment.

In response to this need, we will be leading the development of a strategic heritage framework for the city in partnership with the Heritage Federation, Historic England, Heritage Open Days and SCC. Through this process we will identify the City’s built, natural, archaeological, material and intangible heritage, assess its significance and define priorities and plans for conserving, sustaining and amplifying our shared heritage.

Alongside the development of the Heritage Strategy, we will provide strategic sector support for local heritage projects and organisations to undertake effective feasibility studies, develop cases for support, joint funding and organisational development initiatives to increase commissioning and engagement opportunities and build resilience in the sector.

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