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The Cultural Manifesto

A driving force in developing this manifesto is the realisation that there are many people who dance, or draw, or act, or sing, or do other hugely creative things without ever using the word culture. They may think that cultural activities are “not for them”. We cannot afford, nor do we want to leave anyone out.

So the manifesto begins by defining what we can mean by culture and how inclusive we need to be. With that broad definition in mind it sets out to show how we can all work together to improve social life in the city

Our cultural manifesto aims to unlock potential and to provide practical support for continuous improvement for our City.

The goals are:

Peak Performance
Identifying clearly what we want to achieve in the long term and deciding how to measure progress.

Peak Place
Ensuring that everything we do happens where the people we hope to reach can easily find out about it and access it. (This could be a real place or a virtual place, such as a website or radio channel.)

Peak Participation 
Ensuring that we reach as many people as possible, and allow them do get involved as much or as little as they want to.

Peak Partnership
Being generous, open and creative. Good partners understand the needs of others, respect boundaries and are always looking for positives.

Peak Public Engagement 
Working for the good of all – including people we have no direct contact with.

Peak Profile
Gaining the recognition we deserve, attracting attention, getting messages heard.

Organisations of any size or complexity can aim at these goals – from the largest company based in Southampton to the smallest community group. So can individuals.

These conversations will inform our work to shape ideas, co-design projects and create community led creative activity for all.

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