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BAME Enquiry

This enquiry does not set out to further identify the barriers for BAME engagement, well known and already recorded, but instead to research and suggest necessary solutions to ensuring that both the culture engagement and offer for Southampton is representative of the diverse make up of the city. This enquiry sits alongside and as such will dovetail with The Cultural Manifesto.

At the heart of Arts Council England’s Creative Case for Diversity is a requirement that arts and culture in England should reflect the diversity of society and local communities. It recognises both the value of diversity in enriching our arts and cultural offer as well as ensuring all artists have access to the opportunities and resources to create truly excellent work that reflects the presence, stories and voices of all our communities.

To develop the enquiry we will look to:

  • provide context – for example local demographics – what does diversity looks like in the communities you work with and are working to reach.
  • analyse how activities reflect the demographics of the communities in Southampton, and where there are gaps.
  • set out what is currently being done and how it is working to address any gaps.
  • identify clear actions to take based on what the evidence tells us about the challenges


We look to develop a series of evidence based interventions that can support BAME artists. These might include ideas such as:

  • Paid internships for BAME graduates in all NPOs across the city
  • Specific annual awards and prizes aimed at supporting BAME artists into public view
  • Support and training to enable more BAME representation in the board room of all NPOs and cultural organisations in the city.
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