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Art in Non-Gallery Settings

As one of the identified strategic priorities for Arts Council England South West, we will also be working to support Art in Non-Gallery Settings over the coming three years with the development of a programmatic approach to commissioning and delivery of art interventions in this context.

Outputs will include a Continuing Professional Development opportunity for Artist and City stakeholders/influencers to explore the use of art in non gallery settings with a focus on learning from Liverpool in particular. This trip would enable key people to experience first hand the benefits of Art in non-gallery settings and apply their learnings to Southampton in a strategic way. 

The aim of this project is to increase ambition within Southampton ahead of a ‘City of Culture’ bid in 2022. The trust aims to build capacity within the City and transform our ability to deliver, influence and enjoy art whilst understanding the wider impact it can have on cities.

SCDT will also develop a shared strategy for Art in Non-Gallery settings, a manifesto for art in public spaces and lead the development of a shared commissioning fund both internationally and locally.


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