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BAS 8 reveal

In November 2017 we published Reveal, a review of the British Art Show 8 Southampton Fringe that took place in November 2016.

The publication has been produced beyond just documenting and recording what happened, but also:

  • to celebrate and publicise the creative talent that exists within the city of Southampton
  • to ensure that future projects build and develop on what has been before
  • to raise awareness and support for arts within the city of Southampton and its positive power for change
  • to celebrate and publicise the creative talent that exists within the city of Southampton

When we launched the BAS 8 Fringe the intention was always to ensure the talent of Southampton artists was highlighted, whilst the best of British Contemporary Art was on display in the city for the British Art Show. The publication continues this theme, demonstrating the breadth and depth of talent living and working within the city, too often Southampton artists work is unseen in the city and opportunities to exhibit are limited.

The fringe for British Art Show 8 did not appear from nowhere it has built upon the foundations of a number of individual art projects, delivered over a number of years including Art Vaults, K6 Gallery, the Bargate Gallery, Ha Ha Gallery, Riverside Geese, John Hansard Pop Up Shop, Studio 11 and Transported all past projects, some still running, where artists have added to the city, using it as a platform for their work.

The Southampton Fringe was able to happen thanks to support from a number of different partners in the city. £75,000 came from Arts Council England South West grant for the arts but an additional £50,000 was raised by both the universities in the city, funding from SCDT as well as other cultural partners including Art at the Heart. Over £70,000 was spent on artists fees with £38,000 going directly to new commissions.

To continue to benefit from artists living and working in Southampton, SCDT are working to ensure that there exists within the city a strong supportive environment, one that values creativity and art. We need to ensure we continue to support Southampton artists, nurturing them and valuing the positive impact their work can and does have on our city.