Posted on October 5, 2018

SCDT Activity Report

Place Narrative 

To develop a clearly articulated, convincing, long term, city-wide ‘narrative of place’ that will help attract diverse audiences and inward investment. To help Southampton develop an authentic, relevant and inspiring identity and consumer experience.

Heritage Strategy 

Despite great historic importance, a wealth of local volunteers and rich heritage assets across Southampton, the local heritage sector remains fragmented and under-developed. A Heritage Strategy for Southampton will identify the City’s multitude of heritage assets and support local organisations to undertake effective feasibility studies, develop cases for support and successfully attract investment, funding and visitors to build resilience in the sector.

Music Industries Strategy

An audit of the current music provisions in the city will identify any skills and provision gaps allowing a bespoke strategy to be built. The strategy will support the music industry and it’s venues to establish a coherent approach to developing diverse talent, promoting events and developing national recognition. 

Cultural Education Partnership

The Cultural Education partnership will bring together educational institutions, the local council and arts and culture organisations to ensure all children and young people in the city have access to high quality arts activities. The Partnership will create a coherent, visible and joined up approach to the delivery of Cultural education as well as enabling resource sharing and encouraging long-term investment in the arts. 

Creative Growth Southampton 

Southampton’s Creative Growth Network will bring together a wide range of creative businesses through networking, training and mentoring opportunities. This programme will support individuals to grow and develop their creative businesses as well as offer opportunities for collaboration. 

Cultural City Conference 

Southampton will host 3 annual cultural city conferences in 2018/2019/2020. Each conference will have a loose theme but the overall aim is to gather all of the cities academic, artistic, private and public sector communities together to discuss the future of culture in Southampton.

Art in Non-Gallery Settings 

A continuing professional development programme to raise the aspirations of the City’s artists and influencers. It will build capacity within Southampton to transform our ability to deliver, influence and enjoy art in non-gallery settings whilst understanding the wider impact it can have on cities.

Festival Consortium 

A Festival Consortium will bring together the knowledge, skills and understanding of all of Southampton’s community led festivals. It will lead to better events, a joined up approach and stronger marketing for these key cultural events.

Cultural Manifesto 

The Southampton Cultural Manifesto aims to stimulate conversations around defining cultural engagement, the current barriers to engagement and possible solutions to increasing public engagement in the future. These conversations will inform our work to shape ideas, co-design projects and create community led creative activity for all. 

The BAME Enquiry

The BAME community makes up 14% of Southampton’s population. This is poorly reflected in cultural audiences and workforce. Research will be carried out to identify the barriers and ways to increase diversity in our workforce and leadership.This will lead to a series of activities and interventions to address the current barriers within the BAME community in developing a creative career.

The Elders Enquiry

The Elders enquiry will encourage people to understand their history and the legacy that they are a part of within Southampton. Reanimating previously culturally significant places, developing artistic responses to the past and exploring the living memory of this magnificent City. 

Audience Finder Data 

The Audience Agency have been gathering data across the culture and tourism sector to establish a city-wide baseline for audience engagement. We will encourage effective monitoring of engagement and use the data to tailor our work to target specific areas and communities in order to reach those lowest engaged. 

Steam Mentoring Programme

A Network which will target KS3 students in senior schools to encourage them to pursue arts subjects at GCSE level and beyond. Through twelve months of mentoring, students will explore the options available to them, meet like-minded individuals and set personal, attainable goals. To engage those who have little or no access to the knowledge, skills and networking that we are able to offer to help support them in taking the first steps towards a creative career.

Mayflower 400

A year-long city-wide cultural programme of high-visibility public events and art experiences in 2020 which commemorate the seminal Mayflower voyage and themes of migration, tolerance and freedom that are so relevant today.

Southampton 800

Southampton 800 will re-ignite the historical consciousness amongst the people of city, to retrace our social, political, economic and cultural history over eight centuries, reclaiming our shared biography through exhibitions and performances.

City of Culture 2025

Southampton has set its sights on City of Culture 2025 – an idea that has captured the imagination of stakeholders across the city as a vehicle to bring definition and focus to our shared future ambitions for the city.